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Design-build is often preferred by facilities with overtaxed facilities management departments and very busy clinical department heads. You may or may not know what vendor you will choose. Your house staff may be busy or have limited experience with radiology room construction. IQ Contracting and its partners have experience with project programming, design, architecture, life safety, infectious disease control, rigging, construction, interior design, patient flow, way-making, and regulatory compliance. Initially we meet with all stakeholders of a project, discern all needs of the facility, department, vendor, and IQ Contracting. Secondly, we will propose solutions to those needs and a budget. Upon acceptance of the budget, IQ Contracting and your facility will complete a contract document. At this point very little input is required from your staff although input is always welcome. The final fully attended meeting is when we all gather to open a bottle of champagne at the grand opening of your new suite. IQ Contractors, can be there for everything you need, beginning to end for your construction project. When it comes to designing and building your project our experience allows us to be leaders in the field. We can completely manage the process from concept to completion. Being a single company we can use the master-builder approach to seamlessly take the design and build to function as one team.

Reasons To Use A Design-Build Team

  • Teamwork
  • Total Accountability
  • Continuity
  • Expertise
  • Professional Guides
  • Owner Involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Time/Cost Savings

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