UI Chicago Operating Suite

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University Of Illinois Chicago Hybrid Operating Suite

With so many advancements in medicine, large hospitals are adding Radiology Imaging into the permanent structure an operating suite. This suite was extended from the end of the operating department and required a dedicated operating suite level air handling unit. In order to avoid wasting any space, it was built into the space above the control room. All new medical gases were connected into the old system including a SmartTap process to avoid a shutdown of the whole system. Union pipe-fitters complete a special training to use the equipment. Structural Steel is welded and uni strut connected as required. New equipment booms and surgical light were strategically attached in exact places to avoid collision. The walls were sealed with a Corian product from floor to ceiling, a rubber floor and a laminar flow ceiling to ensure a sterile field for the patient. Lead windows, doors and drywall are used to protect staff from exposure to radiation during the procedure. A light above the door informs people outside the room that the X-Ray tube is on during imaging. Hybrid Operating Rooms are currently the highest dollar per sq ft construction projects in any hospital. Wouldn’t you rather hire someone with experience rather than your lowest bidder who needs on the job training?

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Here at IQ Contracting we specialize in finding solutions for your construction projects. Our reputation is built upon our ability to deliver, especially in tough situations. With a proven track record and a team built upon safety, IQ Contracting has the experience to handle any of your medical, commercial, or industrial construction needs.

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At International Quality Contracting we are your go-to source for a wide range of institutional renovation construction projects. Having the background and the experience, we can handle these highly specialized construction projects. We at IQ Contracting know there is no typical institutional renovation construction projects. They vary widely and have many diverse aspects to them. That’s why the planning and implementation of your institutional renovation requires broad training and expertise by all parties involved. You can partner with IQ Contracting as a general contractor for projects that your facilities department or house architect has already developed designs and drawings for. We will competitively bid projects that are still considering multiple vendors, and provide review and value engineering to already designed renovations prior to construction start at no additional cost to you. We take pride in our word, to bring the client a completed project that is on time and on a budget.

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At IQ Contracting, we will oversee the entirety of construction, from start to finish, from permit to build out, plumbing to electrical, ground to ceiling. We have a team of highly experienced workers and trade professionals who are ready to take your project on. We offer personalized service for your construction project, and strive to complete it on time while maintaining the highest quality of work and materials.

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