UC Medical Center DCAM

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University Of Chicago DCAM Building MRI

This 3T MRI is in DCAM at the University of Chicago Medical Center. This MRI required both RF Shielding and magnetic shielding, continuous throughout. While RF shields are usually nonferrous, magnetic shields are ferrous, usually mild steel laminated outside of the rf shield to protect people or electronics from the 5 Gauss field. The cryogen is kept cold using a Filtrene glycol dedicated chiller in the equipment room directly underneath the MRI room. During Construction a large HEPA fan creates negative pressure inside the room to avoid anything from escaping into the active hospital. A pressure detector logs this pressure continuously. Fortunately in this location no crane was required because it was a ground-level site. Union riggers use a forklift and skates to deliver to the site.

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Industry leaders in hospital renovation and construction, IQ Contracting can be the perfect solution you need for your project. With over 30 years of combined experience working in medical facilities, we understand the complexity of accreditation. We work to maintain compliance with infectious disease control, Life Safety Code, HIPPA, Joint Commission Standards, and IDPH requirements. We learned very early that radiology, oncology, and OR are major income-generating departments in your facility. IQ Contracting’s average construction schedules for most modalities are 30 to 40% shorter than those of most general contractors. This time savings equates to many thousands of dollars in increased revenue and in decreased cost due to overtime, equipment rental, and outsourcing patients. Will the medical gas delivery system in your Cath Lab pass inspection by your states Public Health Regulatory Agency? Will your floor support a PET?CT system? Is the RF and Magnetic Shielding in your current MRI room adequate for a 3T upgrade? Our teams experience in radiology construction uniquely allows us to anticipate your facilities specific needs while saving you time and money for your project. Make IQ Contracting your partner in your next medical facilities construction project and we will find solutions together.

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