Cook County Hospital

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John H Stronger Jr. Hospital Of Cook County

When the Fantus Clinic closed, it’s radiology equipment was relocated into the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. IQ Contracting has completed turnkey projects over the years in multiple Cook County Health departments including Cardiac and Interventional Catheterization Labs, Radiology, MRI, Pathology Lab, Nuclear Medicine, and Urology. In cooperation with Canon Medical Systems, 2 CT scanners and an MRI were relocated into expanded departments. Because of the construction of the Cook County Health Professional Building, we craned the new MRI in between buildings. Various Interim Life Safety measures are required to collaborate with adjacent spaces. IQ Contracting uses the all hands on deck approach, as things can get very busy.

ABOUT IQ Contracting

Here at IQ Contracting we specialize in finding solutions for your construction projects. Our reputation is built upon our ability to deliver, especially in tough situations. With a proven track record and a team built upon safety, IQ Contracting has the experience to handle any of your medical, commercial, or industrial construction needs.

Turnkey Construction

IQ Contracting works with many equipment vendors across the Midwest as a preferred Turnkey contractor. This relationship creates strategic advantages. Planning and Construction timelines are significantly shorter. Familiarity with equipment requirements eliminates technical surprises and unnecessary delays, saving time and money. Without major scope and changes, Change Orders don’t happen.  Financing of Construction is done together with Medical Equipment, eliminating budgetary delays, and adding a layer of protection. Interdepartmental coordination is always a facility challenge, but with Turnkey, the layers of management ensure that the end-user and patient needs to drive the project design, while the mechanical requirements are not ignored. Turnkey is especially popular in government facilities, but private clinics can also benefit.
We routinely do minor modifications that would take weeks or months to coordinate in a matter of days or weeks. Minimizing downtime on MRI or X-Ray throughput often pays for construction, not to mention scheduling headaches. If you are considering a purchase from any of the suppliers we have listed, ask your local salesman for a turnkey option before you pull the trigger.

What We Do

At IQ Contracting, we will oversee the entirety of construction, from start to finish, from permit to build out, plumbing to electrical, ground to ceiling. We have a team of highly experienced workers and trade professionals who are ready to take your project on. We offer personalized service for your construction project, and strive to complete it on time while maintaining the highest quality of work and materials.

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